Happy Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan 2018 has begun! Beginning at sunset last night-  Tuesday, the 15th of May, Ramadan is set to go for the next 30 days, ending on Thursday, 14th June 2018. With Eid ul Fitr on Friday, 15th June 2018.

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Luna calendar and is the holy and blessed month for Muslims all over the world. Throughout Ramadan, most Muslims abstain from food and drink from the hours between sunrise and sunset, but it is more than this- it is a month to focus on respect, dedication, devotion and love, and a chance for reflection and self-betterment. It is a fact that this is not only a holy month, it’s a blessing for us to make us humble and peaceful.

Happy Ramadan Kareem

Gift Good Health This Mother’s Day

Give your Mum good health and encourage her to have a mammogram this Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a special time to remind your Mum how much she means to you. This year on Sunday, May 13th we will be celebrating our Mothers but it is also a good time to encourage her to protect her health by scheduling a mammogram. Continue reading

Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Month

May is Crohn’s & Colitis Awareness Month with World IBD Day, which falls on 19 May. World IBD Day is an annual global campaign to raise awareness of Crohn’s and Colitis and shine a light on lives of people with IBD, which affects an estimated 1 in 250 Australians.

Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are Iife long gastrointestinal disorders that commonly present themselves in children, adolescents and adulthood.

Collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), the conditions are an emerging global disease, with Australia having one of the highest prevalence in the world.  More than 80,000 Australians live with these conditions, with numbers expected to increase to more than 100,000 by 2022.

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Lest We Forget

Burwood Medical Imaging will be closed this closed this ANZAC Day, Wednesday 25th April, 2018 to commemorate our fallen soldiers. All services will commence as normal on Thursday April 26th.

TUESDAY 26th               OPENED (8am – 5.30pm)

WEDNESDAY 25th         CLOSED 

THURSDAY 26th            OPENED (8am – 5.30pm)

Are Your Bones Healthy?

Like most people, you probably don’t really think about your bones until something doesn’t feel right. But bones do more than just keep everything in place. They provide support and structure, protect vital organs, help us move, and even store essential minerals. So, It is important to know the health of your bones, especially as your age increases.

A CT BMD test is can provide a snapshot of your bone health by measuring your bone mineral density.

The CT BMD examination is performed on our cutting edge CT Scanner takes approximately 5-10 minutes. An extremely low dose CT scan is performed of the upper lumbar vertebrae and the proximal femur with measurements taken to determine the health of your bones.

The principle underlying CT BMD is that normal calcified bone will absorb more x-rays than surrounding tissue so that the CT density measurement can be used to measure total bone mass within a sample of tissue.The data is used to measure an important risk factor and determine the necessity, choice and efficacy of therapy.

Why would you have a CT BMD?

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